Research manager, Moderator, Publisher, Spokesperson ....

Oh yes, there have been plenty jobs in almost 3 decades. Most went well, some did not. I needn't bore you with the fact that it are the worse things which are most important for personal development. 

But this here is not solely about me - it's about whether I achieve my clients' goals. That's why I show projects here that both my clients and I are proud of. Further down on the page I explain the consequences I have drawn from the less-good projects.

I discovered a capability gap in the supply chain of pharmaceuticals, founded a research consortium around this topic and am currently developing a new AI tool with 6 partner organisations (universities, associations, companies). Benefit: The project finances several jobs for two years and increases the security of supply of medicines in Europe. The program is set as an incubator for a start-up, bringing this new product online in 2022.

Forschungskonsortium bilden, Pharma, Logistik, Projektleitung, Forschungsleiter
Bürgerforum organisieren, Bürgerdialog, politische Bildung, nationale Kampagne, deutschlandweite Roadshow

Citizens are afraid of terror, some parties and interest groups stir up hatred of foreigners and migrants. Let's talk about it! Over two years I organised citizens' forums where the people were able to ask their relevant questions directly to police chiefs, mayors and other experts. The benefit: As I did it on behalf of a national institution, the aim was political education and not convincing people being in favour of any specific political camp. The public debates were very helpful to unmask untruths and rumours, widely spread by right-wing trolls and racists.

Restructuring an online media, taking care of personnel, gaining new highs in readership, collaborating internationally, consolidating the German business unit and integrating all this into the mother company in the United Kingdom over the course of 4 years. I did it! It was a very challenging job as revenue in media, especially in the niche of special interest online-magazines is not god-given. And I know by heart what it means balancing the interests of corporate sponsors (bringing money) and the investigative interests of free and independent journalists (bringing circulation).

Veränderungsprozesse managen, Veränderungen herbeiführen, onlinemedium, Konsolidierung, Integration, Liquidation GmbH gründen
Spokesperson, Pressesprecher, Head of Communications, Director Communications

Yes, I did it several times and always with love. Because it is a translating job - bringing internal expertise of the company or organisation into the wider public of non-experts. And it is also the reverse, when external changes or reactions are not well understood internally when not meeting corporate culture. It is about how to orchestrate the flow of information via various channels into brains and hearts of the people. You do not only have to reach out, you have to convince. And, finally - you have to implement in close collaboration with internal and external experts, designers, web developers, graphics designers, etc.

Communication is not just about talking, it is about action. A press spokesperson is always also a manager of internal processes. He should give input and hold up the mirror to the internal experts. To do this, one should delve deeply into the topics. A press spokesperson must himself become an expert on a subject, otherwise he cannot explain anything to the outside world. 

There are two motivations why an employee does or does not do something. Love and fear. Most of the time fear dominates. In change processes this fear appears openly. Calming words are the worst thing you can give in such a situation. Change just means change. It means a change in working and living conditions. However, large companies and organisations would like to communicate: "Everything changes but for you everything remains the same." That is wrong. A communicator who sends the wrong signals is gone faster than the manager who gives him the order to communicate such nonsense.

Communication is everything. There is no significant change process, no new product or service without communication. It is much more than just making a new thing known. But while companies naturally employ the most expensive engineers to develop new technologies, they often let poorly-payed laypeople handle the communication of such things. Not everyone who can write a letter or just finished his/her exams is an incredible natural communication talent. 

Who will you entrust with a new, expensive ship for your first voyage? The boat builder, the new sea cadet or rather the storm-tested old sailor who has already been shipwrecked twice?