Interim Manager - always a suitable solution

Especially in the communications and lobbying sector, people think and work in campaigns. The introduction of a new product or service,  a phase of reorganization, a crisis - all these things take place in a limited period of time. The same applies in the legal and political field. Laws and regulations only have a certain window of opportunity in which a stakeholder can exert influence.

In these areas, more and more companies rely on the temporary help of interim managers. They can support the company's internal team and have a deep knowledge and feeling for the processes of such campaigns. But is a single manager enough for dealing with complex situations? Isn't it better hiring an PR-agency which is covering a broad range of experts and professions in itself?

Yes and No. A key account manager of an agency will focus on the agency's operations. Especially in complex situations a manager in the pivotal role of coordinating internally in the company and externally with various service providers is needed. And: a good interim manager is never alone. As Associate Partner, I am able to cooperate with various interim managers with different focuses, all united under the roof of "Einstweilige Vertretung".

Vakanzen besetzen interimlösung Elternzeitvertretung Übergangskandidat

New personnel

Especially management positions are not filled twice. If a manager leaves a company, someone new must fill the position as quickly as possible. Recruiting processes often take months. It is good to be able to rely on an experienced expert in the meantime.

Startup positionieren neue initiative promoten awareness erhöhen

New stakeholders

Politics is becoming more and more emotional. Some companies and industries are being prejudiced. New initiatives must be formed to create a neutral sounding board on which messages can be communicated to the relevant target groups in a sender-neutral manner.

Neue Regulierung Lobbying beeinflussen Verbandsmanagement Förderungen bekommen

New taxis

A company from abroad launches a new service on the market, mostly based on an app. The established actors in Europe complain to the politicians. These politicians are not aware of the new service and must be convinced in one or the other direction to give the new service a chance, or not.

Change Prozess Medien digitale Alternative neue Medien Umstrukturierung Personalabbau managen

New media

The media have been in upheaval for decades. This only lasted this long because many established media shy away from change and still have enough money to hold on to outdated structures. Anyone who does not quickly combine innovative business ideas with market power will fail.

Neue Kampagne launchen new campaign externe dienstleister steuern

New campaign

A new product, a new service should be promoted or a crisis has to be mediated. Usually external agencies are bought in to get inspiration. Such projects, however, need a central manager, because the control efforts are high and overload the permanent employees.

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New teammates

All this what is new in media-life should not mean being handled by a lone wolf. Since January 2020 I am proud Associate Partner at "Einstweilige Vertretung". Here, distinguished experts in communications and PR are collaborating for our customer's demand.



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